Confused Cummings.

First Whitney Cummings says comics are being censored, it’s a problem.

Then she says she is going to OnlyFans because she doesn’t have to worry about censorship there.

Then she says she plans to self-censor herself on OnlyFans, to avoid being “mean”. She specifically says she doesn’t want to be mean to models and actresses, because she implies those women are not smart enough to defend themselves against comedians, like her, so she must censor herself to protect those “dumb” women who somehow became rich and famous models and actresses even though they are “too dumb” to take a joke.

Whitney says OnlyFans is empowering women by letting them Prostitute online to pay for school. They are paying for school to be trained for jobs they will never be offered, and if they are offered the jobs they educated themselves for they will just quit those jobs to go back to work on OnlyFans because prostitution pays more, and Whitney loves that, that’s why she is going to OnlyFans to censor herself, to protect other empowered women just like her.

The reason Whitney is saying all this shit about how noble it is for a comedian to self censor herself on a PORN SITE to protect “dumb”women from comedians, IS because IF a female comedian like ME goes on only fans and unleashes vicious satire on the culture of OnlyFans, a site that is filled with prostitutes who are undermining our entire society, OnlyFans WILL censor me. Whitney can still be held up in comparison to an uncensored comedian like me, as the ideal comedian for other women comedians to emulate to be successful.

It was Whitney’s job in Network TV to establish the socially acceptable norm, to make sure comedians like me never got a chance to make our own shows. Now OnlyFans will use Whitney to make sure we all know it’s our job to censor ourselves OR prostitute ourselves on the internet as well.

OnlyFans will use Whitney to make prostitution seem more sane and desirable than speaking uncensored and unvarnished truths that are thought out and articulated for the sole purpose of making people realize we are human beings, we are more than pieces of meat to be consumed by thoughtless, selfish, horny bored people.

Whitney is being used to give OnlyFans porn stars intellectual legitimacy with her highly publicized presence on OnlyFans. She was chosen for this role because she gives the impression that she is edgy. Edgy and sexy enough to make powerful people who deserve to be ridiculed feel totally secure in her presence. She is going to OnlyFans to make sure comedians know we have two choices as artists, we can censor ourselves or we can prostitute ourselves. Those are the only two options we have as comedians and as women and female artists. Whitney Cummings has always been willing to do both. That is why she is famous and going to OnlyFans.

Fuck you, Whitney. I see right through you, ho.

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